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Leadership Commitment:

All leaders of C.R.C.C.

– Must complete compass
– Must be a consistent tither
– Must serve effectively in their area of ministry
– Must spend time worshiping God privately or publicly
– Must have a devotional and prayer life
– Must attend one of the opportunities for discipleship at least twice a month
(empowerment bible study, Sunday school, Sunday morning worship, mid-day bible study, or small groups)
– Must attend monthly or quarterly leadership meeting

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[toggle type=”white” title=”Children’s Ministry” active=”active”]
The Children’s Ministry is equipping and empowering the children of today with a knowledge of God’s Word and enabling them to fulfill their role in God’s kingdom.[/toggle]
[toggle type=”white” title=”Christian Education Ministry”]

To teach Jesus Christ our Savior, to build His Kingdom and to communicate His principles for daily living and enable all to share His Word with others.

To educate God’s people through study of the word. Ensuring that all classes are engaging in group discussions in order to understand how to apply the lessons to their everyday lives. Helping each person to build a strong biblical foundation and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

– Mid Week Bible Study
– Small Groups
– Sunday School
– Teacher’s Training
– Vacation Bible School
– Equip disciples for the work of ministry

Team Captain’s contact information:
Francis Burton – Mid-Week Bible Study, Small groups, Sunday School – Email:
Minister Christopher Bartley – Teacher’s Training – Email:
John and Janice Hall – Vacation Bible School – Email:

[toggle type=”white” title=”Discovery Ministry”]Purpose
To teach the Word of God to infants and toddlers in a way they can understand it and receive it.[/toggle]

[toggle type=”white” title=”Employment Ministry”]
To create a community-focused ministry that will provide economic empowerment by enlightening, encouraging, and preparing individuals for employment by way of Christian-based job awareness programs, information dissemination, and workshops, which will help provide various tools for them to become and remain successfully employed. This will help in developing spirit-filled attitudes, which will better their working relationships, in order to uplift our community and become better stewards of God’s resources.

– To provide assistance through research, information, and workshops, which will help prepare individuals to take their education to the next level
– To provide career development opportunities, resources, and seminars for the congregation and the community
– To conduct credit counseling, money management, housing and financial planning seminars
– To develop a successful network of entrepreneurs that are willing to give back to the community
– To serve as information resource center for economic and community related matters.


[toggle type=”white” title=”High School Ministry”]
Providing an environment which stimulates worship, devotion, evangelism, leadership, and Godly fellowship among 9-12 grade students.[/toggle]

[toggle type=”white” title=”In His Steps Ministry”]
To glorify the Lord and minister to His people through creative movement

F.O.L.L.O.W – Focus On the Lord and let your Life be Open to his Word[/toggle]

[toggle type=”white” title=”Media Ministry”]
Cross Roads Media Ministry is a non-profit organization that exists to establish an evangelistic association in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.[/toggle]

[toggle type=”white” title=”Men of Purpose Ministry”]Purpose
Bring men into the knowledge and power of God so that we can control our families, community and churches.

Expressing our feeling, dealing with facts and/or conditions that we live in by controlling our personal feeling, prejudices and actions with our trust and faith in God hand.[/toggle]

[toggle type=”white” title=”Nations Ministry”]
To sing praises to God with pure motives, a clean heart and to uphold the standard in which Christ exemplified here on earth. Focus Scripture: Psalms 138: 1-5.

To bring the message of Christ through song to others, by ushering in his presence through worship as we prepare our hearts to accept the word of God. Our desire is that God, will use this means to strengthen and encourage His people. We are living images of Christ by sharing our faith through song.[/toggle]

[toggle type=”white” title=”Prayer Ministry”]
To learn what prayer is and how to pray effectively by way of the Holy Spirit, what, when, where and how to pray, as well as, how to get started and keep going. Your spiritual life will never again be the same after you have spent time with our Father in prayer.[/toggle]

[toggle type=”white” title=”Ushers & Greeters Ministry”]Purpose
Our purpose is to serve the members and guest who attend worship at Cross Roads in such a way that they will feel welcome in God’s house.

Our purpose for serving is to worship God by being servants who meet the needs of God’s people. When our members and guest leave our house, our goal is to have a made a lasting impression that they are welcome to come again. Service is not only done out of obedience but is done out of a sense of gratitude.

Our objective is that serving others will become a part of our everyday lives. Serving just doesn’t happen on Sunday or Tuesday, but it has to become intentional in our lives (it has to become a part of us). We must be mindful that we are servants of God who have been assigned to meet the needs of the congregation that He has entrusted in our care and we treat them as unto the Lord. We are here to help give support and relief.[/toggle]

[toggle type=”white” title=”Volunteer Ministry”]
A ministry that is about building strong worship and servant strengths through accountable, personal, and humbling worshiping opportunities for God (via CRCC)

By worshiping through serving we are offering a ‘standard of quality’—a personal, and strong commitment of excellence, honesty, and integrity.[/toggle]

[toggle type=”white” title=”Wellness Ministry”]
To become a ministry of “change agents”, providing access to resources, consultation and education.

Provide a myriad of activities that focus on wellness and disease prevention, resulting in people of faith working together to create a healthier church body.[/toggle]

[toggle type=”white” title=”Woman to Woman Ministry”]
To restore women and meet their spiritual, physical, and emotional needs through God’s word, group sessions, retreats, revivals, lock-ins, and recreational outings.

To equip, empower and encourage women so they can be effective when reaching out to other women in our church and surrounding communities.[/toggle]